[mythtv-users] Remote to use w/ EPIA M10000

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 22:13:46 EDT 2005

On 7/1/05, Pane, Chris <cpane at vanteon.com> wrote:
> So – Today my motherboard arrived and I realized I hadn't come up with a
> remote control solution. My prototype myth box as a mast/slave PC with a
> PVR250, and I got lirc working with that. My back end in my real deployment
> will be that same PC, with the PVR250 card being used for PVR Functionality,
> but since it is not part of my front end, is of no use. 
> So my question (Which I am currently researching as I type). 
> What are people with EPIA m10000 doing for remotes. 
> Can you use an existing remote, and purchase a receiver. I'd love to use my
> Dish Network Remote aux functionality. But if that's to much of a pain, am
> open to purchasing a remote. 

Simplest option would probably be to get a LIRC-based serial IR
receiver, which would let you re-use the 250's remote if you wanted
to, or most other IR remotes. (FIR/CIR is the wrong type of IR device
to use) You also have the option of getting a USB-based receiver

Another option is to use a suitable wireless keyboard and a learning
remote, which negates the requirement to use LIRC on the frontend as
you get the remote to 'learn' the keyboard instead.


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