[mythtv-users] Remote to use w/ EPIA M10000

Pane, Chris cpane at vanteon.com
Thu Jun 30 21:54:22 EDT 2005

So - Today my motherboard arrived and I realized I hadn't come up with a
remote control solution. My prototype myth box as a mast/slave PC with a
PVR250, and I got lirc working with that. My back end in my real deployment
will be that same PC, with the PVR250 card being used for PVR Functionality,
but since it is not part of my front end, is of no use. 


So my question (Which I am currently researching as I type). 


What are people with EPIA m10000 doing for remotes. 


Can you use an existing remote, and purchase a receiver. I'd love to use my
Dish Network Remote aux functionality. But if that's to much of a pain, am
open to purchasing a remote. 


I have no experience with IR/IrDA. The m10000 has a FIR and CIR. I think one
uses IrDA which I think is a protocol more not used by basic remotes. 


I am curious what others are using ?







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