[mythtv-users] IVTV-FB error - should have left good enough alone

Hank VanZile mythtv at hankvanzile.com
Mon Feb 28 15:55:28 UTC 2005

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you all for this wonderful project and the support 
network surrounding it.  I've had my Myth box up and mostly up and 
running for about 6 months and it's been adopted into our regular 
routine by my wife.  That is until yesterday.

I initially built the system using Jarod's guide.  Until yesterday I was 
running Myth 0.16 on Fedora Core 2 with kernel 2.6.8-1.521 and a 
PVR-350.  Most things were working just fine (even X out to the TV), 
though I would have front-end crashes at leasts once a week (caused, I 
believe, by IVTV).   Yesterday I upgraded my dedicated recordings hard 
drive and decided to do some tweaks (big mistake).

First of all, I installed XFCE and made that my default Window Manager.  
Secondly, I used Synaptic to update MythTV to 0.17 and decided, while I 
was there, to upgrade IVTV as well, since I was experiencing the 
aforementioned crashes.  Everything went alright, but when I went back 
into Myth and watched a recording, the video (not audio) was stuttering 
pretty badly.  I noticed in Synaptic that there was another update to 
IVTV (as well as MythTV) and went for it.  It required a kernel update 
to 2.6.10, to which I agreed.  It got part way and then Synaptic 
crashed.  At that point, things started acting a little wonky - the 
backend didn't start up on launch, etc., so I decided to remove MythTV 
and IVTV entirely (using Synaptic) and start from scratch.

I went back to Jarod's FC2 guide and installed MythSuite using apt-get 
with no problems whatsoever.  Then I went to follow the instructions for 
IVTV and there were no packages found for my kernel.  I looked for 
kernel upgrades on Axel's site, but couldn't find any for FC2.

Okay, then, on to manual IVTV installation.  I downloaded CK100ZZ, since 
Jarod recommends it as the most stable version.  I did a "make install" 
on the "driver" directory and now I am getting a TON of ivtv-fb errors 
when I try to load it.

I am totally at a loss.  I'm not very good with manually building and 
installing packages and I'm not sure I installed IVTV correctly.  I 
don't want to wipe the drive and start from scratch and I'm already 
going to have to pay the piper for missing out on recording "24" tonight. ;)

Can anyone help guide me?  Thanks in advance.


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