[mythtv-users] A 'not record commercials at all' mode & a

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 22:01:09 UTC 2005

> This is coming to CVS in the very near future.  I'm trying to get
> commercial flagging so that it can be started almost right after the
> recording starts, so it will run about 30 seconds or so behind the
> recording.  This will help get commercial flagging finished quicker
> (possibly right behind the recording ending), as well as helping cut
> down on disk thrashing since if it stays only 30 seconds behind, the
> recording data will still be in the filesystem cache hopefully and not
> require rereading.

This sounds good. Is there a risk that running it while recording will
chew up CPU and impair the quality of the recording, though? It might
be good option (for those of us with CPU hungry BT8x8 cards) to allow
the user to choose whether to wait until the end of the recording or

PS - the new commercial detection in 0.17 is awesone. It didn't work
in Australia (free to air) very well at all before - now it's amazing!


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