[mythtv-users] dvb: weird sound problems

Felix Huttmann felix.huttmann at web.de
Sun Feb 27 18:56:29 UTC 2005

I have yet another problem, I hope I can decribe it properly...

In live-tv, when I change to another channel, the sound becomes
- sometimes higher then normal ( all people sound like mice or aliens) 
- sometimes deeper then normal ( all people sound like monsters )
- sometimes normal again 
- sometimes it stays as before (higher, deeper, normal)

"Sometimes" means its 100% random. The problem doesn't occure in
recordings ( at least I haven't noticed yet, and I tried ~10 times).

I don't know by what factor the sound becomes deeper or higher, but its
constant. It's very difficult to understand what people say.

Audio stays in sync with video, though.

It's not a soundcard / driver problem, I tried with two different cards:
1) snd_cmipci
2) snd_es1938

Only mythtv has these problems, xine & mplayer work fine.

my system: debian unstable, using official mythtv deb packages,
skystar2 (2.6c) for dvb-s, 1,5ghz athlon, 512mb ram, nforce2 (not using
onboard sound)

I'm hopeful you can help me, mayby I will then (finally) have a working
mythtv system....

Thanks in advance for your help.

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