[mythtv-users] How to customise menus

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Sat Dec 31 10:56:59 EST 2005

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>>      Sorry, this should be straightforward but I cant make it work!
>>     I  am trying to customise my  Optical Disk menu.
>>     So far, based on previous threads, I have copied
>> /usr/share/mythtv/optical_menu.xml to the
>> /usr/share/mythtv/themes/MythCentre directory on the backend
>> and modified
>> the file.    (I am using MythCentre theme)
>>     But nothing changes on the frontend menus.   I have
>> restarted both
>> backend and frontend.
>>     What am I missing?
> Not sure if this is the solution to your problem but what worked for me 
> was
> to create a new folder named "MyTheme" in the themes folder and copy the
> entire theme you want to use to the new folder. Select your new theme from
> the list of available themes and apply it. Now when you make changes to 
> the
> files you will see them. Not only that but your new folder will survive
> upgrades to the base theme.
Sorry guys, I was stupidly trying to do this on the backend.  Of course it 
needs to be on the frontend, doh!

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