[mythtv-users] Choppy video and sound

Rick van der Mieden mieden8 at zonnet.nl
Sat Dec 31 10:40:43 EST 2005

I've got the same nVidia and it is working ok for me. I did answer this
problem some other times indeed, But you need to give some more info. It
should work with the nvidia driver (don't forget to adjust your xorg.conf)
but don't use the latest from nvidia. Just emerge the want from portage.
(although there seems to be some bugs in it too, which I haven't found out
jet), but at least you know where the problem comes from.


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Hey everybody, I know this has been asked before and I've tried a bunch of
the previous fixes listed so I'm asking for myself.

MythTv records great, but playback in full screen (video and audio) is
choppy. If I exit mythtv and use mplayer that exact recording plays
perfectly, it only chops in mythfrontend. I have an nVidia FD5700 LE, 1 gig
of DDR, a 3 GHZ P4, and an SB Live audigy in this system. The hard drive is
a 160 gb SATA drive, 8mb buffer, 7200 RPM. I am running Gentoo with kernel
2.6 on a brand new (less than a week old) install.

any suggestions on how I can fix this? I also tried making myth (throught he
options in the front end in the playback section) use lib2mpg but that just
made everything slow and it was still a bit choppy. I have tried the NV and
the nvidia driver, I also have a sis 6315 that I put in and it did the exact
same thing with the sis drivers and vesa drivers. 

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