[mythtv-users] mpegvideo_xvmc error messages

Michael Haan michael.haan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 18:12:19 EST 2005

XvMC and HD are working ok on my system, but I'm still having issues with
occasional hiccups where the video pixelates slightly and the sound skips -
probably several times per minute.  I predominately get two type of error:

ac-tex damaged
invalid mb type in [B,P] frame at ....

I dound this thread referring to ac-tex but I think it might be a different


Possibly related are some issues I had with two recent HD recordings.  They
played back fine to a point, then froze and started eatting memory until the
machine killed myth.  They will both consistetly do this at the exact same
point, respectively, in playback.  If I can get past that point, by skipping
forward over it, the playback continues along, but completely without sound.

One final issue, though likely unrelated, is that the entire machine
sometimes freezes when changing HD channels.  Again, don't know if it's
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