[mythtv-users] Changing channels on a new D11 directv receiver

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Fri Dec 30 10:09:22 EST 2005

On 12/30/2005 6:31 AM Brian Wallen said the following:

> Yesterday I just got directv in my house.  I have a couple of d11 
> receivers with usb ports in the back.  The usb port is the regular 
> rectangular type like the ones in the back of a computer.  Is it 
> possible to have a cable that has two rectangular ends and use that to 
> control the receiver?  I saw one guy say he got it working with a 
> usb->serial converter, but I wanted to see if that was my only choice 
> or not.

Not knowing anything about D11 or the function of its USB ports, I can 
tell you that it is possible to buy a piece of hardware that will turn a 
USB port into an old fashioned 9 pin serial port.  The particular one I 
have is a Keyspan and I use it at work with a laptop that runs Windows.  
You might look into it and see if there's drivers for Linux.



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