[mythtv-users] Avermedia AVerTV GO 007 FM - No Sound in MythTV

William Powers wepprop at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 30 07:44:06 EST 2005

wvl wrote:

>So with the help of the v4l mailinglist I got sound in tvtime by using
>sox to send everything from /dev/dsp2 (tvcard sound device) to
>/dev/dsp (regular soundcard).
>But now I need mythtv to record the sound instead. Usually you'd
>attach the line-in of your soundcard to the sound output of your
>tvcard, but this card shouldn't need that (I think...). Nevertheless I
>tried using a cable to connect the two, but however I configured the
>devices using kmix (soundcard: line-in muted, but on record. tvtuner
>sound device: no idea. tried a few things like enabling record on
>everything and raising the volume to max) it never worked.
>So does anyone have experience with a simliar setup? I'm sure my
>configuration should be no different to anyone else with one of these
>cards that expose their sound via a second sound device instead of the
>usual connect and record.
Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious, but if you've already got the TV 
sound coming out of dsp2, shouldn't all you need do is specify dsp2 as 
the audio source for that card in mythtv-setup?  In my limited 
experience with btaudio and snd-bt87x, getting to the point of having a 
functional /dev/dsp device was 99% of the work.  IIRC, the only thing 
left to do after that point was to select the right dsp device in myth 
setup and make sure that device wasn't muted.

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