[mythtv-users] Re: Scheduling with 2 tuner cards.

Darryl Merritt mythtv at djm.dda.com.au
Fri Dec 30 05:45:47 EST 2005

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

 >>I have a 10 minute extra recording delay set as the default.

 > This is a global pre-/post-roll.  It is not meant to be used as an
 > "always record this much before/after"--it's supposed to be set to the
 > amount of time it takes your card/disk/etc. to "spin up" for a recording
 > and or to give an STB's OSD time to disappear.

I dont know what they are like in your part of the world, but here the TV 
stations run late all the time. The 6pm news will start bang on 6pm, and by 
7:30pm the programming will be >5 minutes late and can be up to 15 minutes 
late by midnight.

I suspect they do it deliberately to inconvenience the viewers who are going 
to change channel at the end of the show so they miss the start of the show in 
on the other channel. The latest ploy is to run a lot of commercials just 
before the last few minutes of the show, run the last few minutes, then talk 
over the credits and go straight into the next show without any commercials to 
try and keep your attention.

Hence the 10 minute extra recording, plus a 2 minute pre-recording.

 > This "kludgey" way is the way you're supposed to do this.  If you need
 > to over-record for a rule, set the over-record on /that/ rule and the
 > scheduler will honor it.  If you need it on all rules, set it on all rules.

Doing the kludgey way brought up another problem, so I've stopped doing it.

For example.

2 tuner cards.
Program A is on Ch X at 7pm and runs for 30 minutes Mon-Fri.
Program B is on Ch X at 7:30pm and runs for 60 minutes on Friday.
Program C is on Ch Y at 7:30pm and runs for 30 minutes on Friday.

With the global pre-/post-roll and no over-record rule:

Every day except Friday - Card 1 records program A (+10 mins)
Friday - Card 1 would record program A then straight into Program B (+10mins) 
and Card 2 would do program C (+10 mins)

If I set the 10 minute overrun on Program A, then
Every day except Friday - Card 1 records program A (+10 mins)
Friday - Card 1 would record program A(+10mins), Card 2 would do either 
Program B or C (+10 mins) depending on the priority, and the other misses out 
altogether as no tuner is available. Programs rarely get repeated in the short 
term so we cant schedule it for later. We only have 7 free to air digital 

The way it schedules now is fine with me, I've worked out its behaviour and 
have tweaked it the way I want it. I want every show to be recorded for 10 
extra minutes _except_ when there is a clash as I described above and this is 
what I have achieved. Almost.

The suggestion I am making is when I wanted to record Program A and Program B 
and not Program C, then use different tuners if they were available and let 
both programs overrun according to the global pre-/post-roll.


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