[mythtv-users] MyhtTV breaks StartX. ? ?

linux at vanoverbruggen.nl linux at vanoverbruggen.nl
Fri Dec 30 01:23:56 EST 2005

DEar people,
 I have been having trouble with my installation of MythTV and the Haupauge 350.
 When I installed MythTV from the deb sources at http://dijkstra.csh.rit.edu/~mdz/debian/dists/unstable/mythtv.old/
 However this installation broke my X windows. When I enter "startx" I get a screen which is just greyish blank"
 Xorg.0.log mentions

 Fatal server error:
 no screens found

 I am running debian 2.6.8 with KDE (but cannot seem to deinstall this) and trying to fix this startx problem I also installed gnome.. no resolution...

 Any suggestions.... this setup is driving me crazy...

 p.s. anyone has a good HOWTO on mythtv with hauppauge 350 and debian ?
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