[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase not working

Korey Fort k.m.fort at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 00:13:01 EST 2005

When I renewed my subscription to zap2it and filled out the survey, I
remember it asking me something about the time I would like to download
channel information so that there servers would not be killed by everybody
downloading at the same time. Could this have something to do with that?

"Let ye without segmentation fault cast the first int!"

Korey Fort

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On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 17:23, Dave Bush wrote:

>      I installed everything using Knoppmyth and it seems to be working
> perfectly except I can't get mythfilldatabase to work. Here's an
> example of what I'm seeing:

> Connecting to datadirect.webservices.zap2it.com []:80...
> connected.
> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Unauthorized
> Connecting to datadirect.webservices.zap2it.com[]:80...
> connected.
> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
> Length: unspecified [text/xml]

I just noticed the same problem tonight.  I noticed there was nothing
scheduled for Friday and when I looked at the listings there were a
large number of NO DATA entries.  

>From the "unspecified [text/xml]" message I take it that something at
zap2it changed since I have not modified anything on my mythtv system
for some time.

A quick scan through the listings shows many NO DATA gaps.  I suspect
this has resulted in missed recordings.  

Is this a temporary problem with zap2it or does this require a patch on

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