[mythtv-users] Repeating keypresses in frontend menus

ozizaeb at comcast.net ozizaeb at comcast.net
Thu Dec 29 11:28:11 EST 2005

I successfully got a remote frontend running with one little annoyance.  The 
up/down/escape/enter keys repeat when I press them to navigate through the 
myth menus on this remote frontend.  For example, I press the down arrow once 
in the menu, it moves the menu pointer down two entries.  It only happens in 
the menus too.  In other screens such as the program guide and settings 
screens the use of the up and down keys work as expected.  I've tried 
switching themes to see if that would resolve it but didn't make a 

I'm running from a self built version from svn snapshot on 08/27/2005 so that 
it matches my backend protocol version.

Any ideas on what might be wrong before I upgrade everything to the latest?

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