[mythtv-users] Remapping channels

Roland Roberts roland at astrofoto.org
Thu Dec 29 02:08:26 EST 2005

>>>>> "J" == Jonathan Tidmore <jtidmore at gmail.com> writes:

    J> Yeah, cable into a set-top box decrypts the digital cable so your
    J> TV can view it.  If you don't use the set-top box, then only
    J> analog channels are available.  Every major cable company has
    J> different channel layouts for digital than analog.  The problem
    J> IS that you have the wrong channel lineup setup for your setup.
    J> If you are not using digital, then change your zap2it settings to
    J> your cable company's analog lineup.  Chris' answer is correct.
    J> -J

Thanks for the additional explanation; I'll see if there is a lineup
that matches what I'm seeing, else I guess it is time to talk to the
zap2it folks.


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