[mythtv-users] HDTV With Motion Not Smooth

Michael Haan michael.haan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 18:28:37 EST 2005

Here's the deal - I can't seem to get HD playbook to look quite right when
there is significant motion.  I'm running FC4 via Jarod's guide from about a
month ago.  Nvidia 6600GT with an AMD64 3800+ and 1T raid 5 sata drives.
When I playback HDTV w/o xvmc, cpu is about 50-60 %, about 20% with.  I've
tried various combinations of xvmc / deinterlacing (both on and off) with
different filters / libmpeg2 vs ffmpeg.  The only combo which provides
smooth HD playback when there is motion is Bob2x with ffmeg and xvmc
enabled.  Unfortunately, with xvmc, playback works for some amount of time
but invariably freezes either the front-end or the machine.

So, I'm looking for suggestions as to how to either:

a) Get xvmc to be more stable


b) Find some combination that looks better w/o xvmc

Anyone have suggestions?
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