[mythtv-users] Pvr-500 or Plextor ConvertX, reliability.

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Dec 28 13:16:46 EST 2005

Ray wrote:

>I've been using Myth for years, first with a Matrox Marvel G200 and later
>with a generic bt878 card and now I'm planning to upgrade to a newer capture
>card.  I'd like to be able to add a second capture device later and I only
>have 1 slot free (actually 2 but I'm planning on a better sound card for the
>other one) so I think that leaves me with either pvr-500 or a pair of
>Plextor USB boxs.    
>Any opinions on which of those two is likely to be the most solid/reliable
>as well as having the best quality.  I know some of the older Haumpage cards
>are very common here but I've seen mixed reviews of the pvr-500 and pvr-150. 
>Reliability is most important due to WAF but I'm not afraid to fiddle a bit
>at the beginning.  We tend to keep recordings around for quite a while so
>I'm leaning toward the Plextor since it uses mpeg4 and I'd likely end up
>having to transcode most of what comes out of the Haumpage in order to make
>it all fit.  Also, and I'll likely post a seperate message on this, I'm also
>going to be adding a better sound card, something with surround sound since
>we recently bought a HT receiver.  Any opinions on ones that work especially
>well with Myth (no audio sync issues etc)?
I have a PVR-150 installed with zero problems (0.4.1 drivers IIRC).  I 
just ordered a PVR-500 to replace my two BTTV cards and I should be 
installing it next week.  I'm not convinced it will be as painless but 
we will see.  I can certainly recommend the 150.

As for sound, I use a Turtle Beach Riviera with my optical receiver and 
it works great and was simple to set up (just enable the output in 
alsamixer).  It was like $30 at newegg.  I get 5.1 sound with my AC3 
Divx files just fine.


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