[mythtv-users] Pvr-500 or Plextor ConvertX, reliability.

Ray maillists at sonictech.net
Wed Dec 28 12:51:11 EST 2005

I've been using Myth for years, first with a Matrox Marvel G200 and later
with a generic bt878 card and now I'm planning to upgrade to a newer capture
card.  I'd like to be able to add a second capture device later and I only
have 1 slot free (actually 2 but I'm planning on a better sound card for the
other one) so I think that leaves me with either pvr-500 or a pair of
Plextor USB boxs.    

Any opinions on which of those two is likely to be the most solid/reliable
as well as having the best quality.  I know some of the older Haumpage cards
are very common here but I've seen mixed reviews of the pvr-500 and pvr-150. 
Reliability is most important due to WAF but I'm not afraid to fiddle a bit
at the beginning.  We tend to keep recordings around for quite a while so
I'm leaning toward the Plextor since it uses mpeg4 and I'd likely end up
having to transcode most of what comes out of the Haumpage in order to make
it all fit.  Also, and I'll likely post a seperate message on this, I'm also
going to be adding a better sound card, something with surround sound since
we recently bought a HT receiver.  Any opinions on ones that work especially
well with Myth (no audio sync issues etc)?


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