[mythtv-users] PVR-350 Svideo Black & white

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Tue Dec 27 23:05:01 EST 2005

I had myth working perfectly fine for about a year, and just today I decided
to change the input to composite to record something. Right when I switched
it, it showed up black and white until I told myth to use the composite
input. Now that I'm back to svideo, it's refusing to use the svideo input,
and showing the video in black and white.

mplayer /dev/video0 shows black and white

ivtvctl -P shows input 6 (svideo0 according to ivtvctl -n)

I tried ivtvctl -H (reload firmware) and it didn't work

ivtvctl -p 4 (set input to tuner) shows static like I'd expect it to

ivtvctl -p 6 (set back to svideo) is back in black and white again

This should be something simple, but I can't find it. Suggestions?
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