[mythtv-users] Hard-lockup in myth....

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Tue Dec 27 19:24:07 EST 2005

Thanks for the idea, but I'm not running nvidia driver version 7667, or even
7676. it's a brand new install, and I'm running "NVIDIA Driver Version:

Anyone else got any ideas on my hard-lockup when entering livetv?   

Ok, how about the best approach to "debugging" it?   (can't attach a
debugger if system has hard-locked?)


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Buzz <buzz at oska.com> says:
> I get a hard-lockup (no mouse/kbd responsiveness, ie no further 
> interrupts, video freezes, nill disk activity) in myth (both in 0.18.x 
> from Atrpms and
> CVS) when entering livetv. =

Unless it's been changed in the past few weeks, J. Wilson's Fedora MythTV
howto recommends the Nvidia 7667 drivers, which almost alway caused hard
locks on Live TV. Upgrading to 7676 solved that issue. (I'm still dealing
with the "every sixth or so HDTV and non-HDTV recording crashes on playback,
either immediately or with any action that displays the OSD" issue, but I
recall that it's been fixed in SVN.)

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