[mythtv-users] Configuring Myth to let TV do scaling

Gary Manning gmanning45 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 27 19:12:16 EST 2005

I am running an AMD XP2600 (mythtv from atrpms), Dvico 
Fusion 5 Gold (cable, QAM and analog), Nvidia 6200 (7676 drivers), component 
out (1280x720p) to Sony LCD

I currently must have xvmc enabled to display HD, but this causes studdering 
with the OSD during channel changes, timeshifting, etc., so I am exploring 
options to turn it off.

My understanding is that decoding and scaling/deinterlacing are two distinct 
processes that occur in that order.  Without using xvmc, is it possible 
using Nvidia's drivers to accelerate the video decode process only, and then 
pass it on in it's native resolution and let the TV do the scaling (which it 
already does very well outside of myth)?  If so, how might this compare cpu 
wise to doing everything in myth with xvmc?  More cpu or less?

If the above sounds reasonable for an XP2600, then my step is to start 
reconfiguring everything, but I am not sure I know all of the steps.  In a 
nut shell:

1. Set up xorg.conf modelines for 480i, 480p, 720p (done) and 1080i.  
Probably the hard part.
2. Configure mythtv to not use gui size for playback.

Am I missing anything?  I seem to remember mythtv only supports 3 custom 
output settings, true?  I have 4...

Currently serveral (but not all) my the setup screens in mythfrontend are 
not scaled to fit the display.  Some are worse than others, but some or all 
of the text and buttons on the bottom of the screens are below the bottom of 
the display and can't be seen.  Shouldn't everything in the gui be sized so 
it can be viewed in the resolution it is set at?  Will the above output 
changes help this problem?


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