[mythtv-users] Choppy video, mythfrontend eating cpu

Vincent Berger vibe06 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 04:50:45 EST 2005

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the tip ! Unfortunately, the nvidia kernel module in 6629 doesn't
load in my kernel, known problem too (
http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=113466). That's what made me go to
~amd64 on the nvidia driver in the first place.

However I went to seek middle ground and I emerged version 7676-r1. That one
loads and it fixes my mythfrontend problem !! Playback is smooth and CPU is
down to 15-20%, still a bit worse than mplayer, but quite acceptable.

Many thanks indeed

On 12/26/05, Rick van der Mieden <mieden8 at zonnet.nl> wrote:
> Vincent,
> I did have almost the same problem. It's in the nvidia driver. The latest
> version is eating your cpu. Just un-install in and emerge the stable one
> from gentoo. This fixed it for me.
> *  media-video/nvidia-glx
>       Latest version available: 1.0.6629-r6
>       Latest version installed: 1.0.6629-r6
>       Size of downloaded files: 16,116 kB
>       Homepage:    http://www.nvidia.com/
>       Description: NVIDIA X11 driver and GLX libraries
>       License:     NVIDIA
> *  media-video/nvidia-kernel
>       Latest version available: 1.0.6629-r4
>       Latest version installed: 1.0.6629-r4
>       Size of downloaded files: 16,116 kB
>       Homepage:    http://www.nvidia.com/
>       Description: Linux kernel module for the NVIDIA X11 driver
>       License:     NVIDIA
> Regards
> Rick
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> *Subject:* [mythtv-users] Choppy video, mythfrontend eating cpu
> I'm building my first myth box. I've got most of the stuff working but I
> have this lingering problem for which I'd appreciate some help.
> Video playback is choppy, with lots of "prebuffering pauses". The CPU is
> pegged at 100%, all of it on mythfrontend according to top. It's the same
> whether I play live tv or a recording. If I play with mplayer instead
> (either live on /dev/video0 or a recording made by myth), it's all smooth
> with the CPU at < 10%, big difference ! Searching the archives, I found
> references to possible sound problems, but I don't think that's the case
> here, I've tried to cripple my sound artificially by pointing mythfrontend
> to an alsa device that doesn't exist (and saying OK to continue with no
> sound), and the problem remains, choppy video, high cpu (and no sound of
> course).
> This is on an up-to-date gentoo, amd64 (Athlon 64 3000), 512MB, sata
> drive, PVR-150, video output to a CRT TV through S-Video on a cheap nVidia
> card. Latest nVidia driver (81.78), gentoo ebuild for mythtv (0.18.1-r1 ).
> Any clue where to look ?
> Thanks
>      Vincent
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