[mythtv-users] Tuning problems with two-card setup

Markus Heikkilä markus.heikkila at iki.fi
Mon Dec 26 15:37:55 EST 2005

My mythtv backend has two identical Technisat Cablestar 2 DVB-C cards. 
The problem seems to be that mythtv can only use one of them.

In mythtv-setup's channel editor I can scan channels if I use card #0. 
With card #1 the scan freezes showing 3% progress.

I've tried configuring the cards to use either same or separate video 
source. This makes no difference.

After setup I'm able to watch LiveTV and record programs as long as the 
system uses card #0 for those tasks. If I try to change cards during 
LiveTV, screen goes blank and after a few seconds I'm dropped back to 
main menu. Recordings using card #1 fail.

I've also tried two simultaneous recordings. The one using card #0 
succeeded, the other did not. Both recordings are visible in the list of 
recordings (in Media Library -> Watch Recordings) but when I try to 
watch the one made using card #1 I get "File for the recording not 
found" -alert.

I'm able to tune channels with czap using either card, so it seems that 
cards and dvb-drivers are working.

I've tried SVN revisions 81** - 83**, updating every now and then.

Backend log of the two simultaneous recordings is can be found at

(failed) recording with card #1 was scheduled to start 17:45 and 
(succesfull) recordig with card #0 at 18:00. The first ended somewhere 
around 18:15 and the latter around 18:10.

My apologies for the size of the log, I don't know which verbosity 
levels would be essential to properly debug these problems so my backend 
has been running with "-v all,nodatabase". If someone told me which 
levels to use I would be more than happy to provide better logs.


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