[mythtv-users] Recording HD content from a Comcast/Dish/DTV box

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Dec 26 19:11:58 EST 2005

Alex Malinovich wrote:

>Apologies in advance if this is an often-asked question.
>I'm looking at setting up a MythTV box to replace the pathetic excuse
>for a PVR that Comcast provides with their HDTV tuner.
>I know that there are HDTV cards out there which can receive an OTA HDTV
>signal, but what about when the HDTV signal is from a cable box? Is it
>possible to run the DVI or component output from the cable box into a
>MythTV box, and then from the MythTV box to the TV using DVI/component?
>I've been researching all things MythTV for the last two days but I
>haven't found anything addressing this particular setup. I've found a
>few posts mentioning that you can't run a digital cable signal straight
>into a tuner card, but nothing addressing whether you can use the HD
>output from the cable box as an HD input on the MythTV box.
>TIA for any help.
There are two ways to capture HDTV. 

1)  OTA with an HDTV tuner card
2)  via Firewire from a cable box like the Motorola DCT-6200 (IIRC).  
This is limited only to the channels that the cable provider provides 
unencrypted on the firewire port


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