[mythtv-users] Keybindings such as XF86AudioPlay/PlayPause

Luke A. Olbrish luke at gehennom.net
Mon Dec 26 18:14:08 EST 2005

I've been trying to get my media keyboard's extra buttons to work
without having to modify my xmodmap.  I've found that if I adjust
settings in mythweb for the keybindings, things like "XF86Audio..." do
not work.  Even more curious, page up and page down use "PgUp" and
"PgDown", which is not the X event (X uses "Prior" and "Next") or the
event name straight from /dev/input/event? (/dev/input uses "PageUp"
and "PageDown").
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If I modify my xmodmap so the media keyboard keycodes for the extra
keys map to Prior and Next, then I can properly use these media keys.
I would rather be able to specifically map the keys though if anyone
knows if a way around this.

Thanks for any input you might have.
Luke Anthony Olbrish
<luke at gehennom.net>

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