[mythtv-users] Starting up mythfrontend automatically?

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Mon Dec 26 18:37:15 EST 2005

Personally I use KDE, since this is the best supported by mythtv, and
one of the most popular desktops out there. I use Gnome on my "work"
machine because I prefer it over KDE. Besides, once it's running the
window manager makes little difference.

As far as how to start up mythfrontend... Go to a terminal window logged
in as the mythtv user. With FVWM you probably need to right or
left-click on the desktop to get a menu of apps. Select the terminal.
Once you do that, edit your ".xsession" file (note the leading period is
important). If you don't have one, create one. Use Pico or VI... My
personal preference is vi. 

Once you're editing it, on the last line in the file (or first if it's a
new file), put in "/usr/bin/mythfrontend" (presuming that's where it's
installed). Then if in vi, press ctrl+c, :, then type "wq!" and hit
enter. Once you're back to the command line, type "chmod +x .xsession"
and hit enter.

Now voila... Log off, log on and you should have mythfrontend auto

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OK that sounds good to me.  But how to do that? :)

Cheers - Piers

joggl wrote:
> i use rungetty in inittab for autologin!
> and i use no windowmanger.
> i start xinit with mythfrontend, fastet way...
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