[mythtv-users] Backend Refuses to Speak to Frontend

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Mon Dec 26 06:04:48 EST 2005

> Or would my best option just be downgrading the back-end? If I were  
> to downgrade my back-end, would I have problems if my front-end  
> version was newer?
> Thanks for all the help.

The way mythtv is designed to work the backend and all the front ends should
be running the same rev of the code. Minor differences should be ok as long
as the communications protocol is the same between them. In the case of svn
and release code together, that will not work. Running svn is always risky
and is not going to get you much troubleshooting help so unless there is a
strong reason to run svn code, stick with the release.

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