[mythtv-users] General Questions

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Dec 24 15:04:11 EST 2005

Scott Phalen wrote:

> I have some general questions regarding cable set up. I am a Comcast 
> Cable subscriber. Just set up my account with labs.zap2it.com and am 
> currently downloading the channel line-up.
> I am very new to all of this. So my cable comes in to a Comcast cable 
> box. Currently I have the ‘output’ coax cable connected to the ‘tv-in’ 
> port on my pvr-500. Is this correct? Or should I just take the cable 
> directly from the wall to my PC? I have the red/yellow/white a/v 
> cables from the pvr-500 to the corresponding jacks on the tv. Is this 
> right also?
Are you *required* to use your cable box to tune all your channels? 
MythTV can tune the same channels your TV can if you remove the cable 
box. This may be all or some of your channels. Going from the wall to 
your PVR-500 will give you two tuners for the channels you can receive.

If you need the cable box to tune various channels (HD, digital, etc), 
then you will need to hook the ouput coax of the cable box to your 
PVR-500. This will only provide you one tuner because your cable box can 
only tune one channel at a time and you will need something like an 
IR-blaster to allow MythTV to change the channel on your box when it 
needs to in order to record.

The AV jacks on the 500 are for AV *input*, not output. Your TV-out on 
your video card should be connected to the input on your TV and the 
ouput of your sound card should connect to the audio inputs on your TV.

I hope that helps,


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