[mythtv-users] Shuttle Barebones Case SN95G5 V3 or SN25P

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Sat Dec 24 06:58:28 EST 2005

> Anyone see any problems with either of these cases for a Myth
> Front-end/Backend combo install?
> SN95G5
> http://global.shuttle.com/Product/Barebone/SN95G5%20V3.asp
> SN25P
> http://global.shuttle.com/Product/Barebone/SN25P.asp
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I had the sn95g5 (V.2) for a while (before it was stolen). Nice SFF case!
Managed to reduce the noise up to a point too, but got stuck on the whiny
little fan in the power supply. Unless you're going to do some major power
supply mods (basically moving the psu out of the box with all the
connector problems that entails) you'll never get this box quiet enough
for a fronmtend you can live with. Not sure about the 25p. looks lovely
and as I understand it has more (but possibly larger and standard sized
fans you can swap with quieter models). I'm currently running a Biostar
iDEQ 330p. there's one non'standard axial blower at the back, but this is
really overkill except for CPU intensive stuff. I've swapped the other
fans for SilenX quiet models and can honestly say that the noise level is
very acceptable now using pwm fancontrol (you need to load the it87 module
with the fix_pwm_polarity parameter). You might want to take a look at it
as a possible alternative.



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