[mythtv-users] Please spend the time to write or call your representatives

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby2 at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 23 05:18:29 EST 2005

Jonathan Tidmore wrote:

> Realistically though, how many people out there would put up with this?  
> I watch TV now because its easy and cheap.  You make it complicated with 
> multi-tiered pricing and a multitude of restrictions, TV loses much of 
> its value.  I will look for entertainment elsewhere.  When consumers 
> stop viewing their awful and overpriced content, that'll be the day 
> they'll start to switch back to the current model which has made them 
> trillions and trillions of dollars over the years.  There's only so far 
> corporate greed will go before consumers get turned off and look 
> elsewhere for entertainment.
> I'm sorry, but Desperate Housewives isn't worth the hassle.
> -- 
> Jonathan Tidmore

Oh you'd be surprised, Jonathan.  People who decide to opt out of TV 
will be very much in the majority, as bitter a pill to swallow as the 
costs will be.  So the best course of action will be to tell these 
profiteers that their greed isn't acceptable from the word 'go'.

It strikes me as rather odd that nobody has yet mentioned that one of 
the most annoying things about this new DRM scheme (as with other DRM 
schemes) is that propriatary technology is involved.  Yep - another 
single company holding the rights to obligatory rights management. 
Isn't this considered anti-competitive?  I wonder how many members of 
congress and MPAA execs have vested interests in the companies who 
create DRM tech.... then it'd be a serious conflict of interest.. don't 
you guys in the US have rules about that kind of thing?


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