[mythtv-users] Problems recording from second tuner

Shermann Min shermann at aya.yale.edu
Fri Dec 23 01:39:11 EST 2005

I have a Myth system (SVN 8152) with an HD-3000 and PVR-250
tuners. Everything works with my HD-3000 tuner. Tuning,
recording, everything.

It's a different story with my PVR-250, however. I had
some trouble getting this card to work again after upgrading
to Suse 10, but after a recent post about linking the
firmware files to /lib/firmware and remembering to set the
tuner=39 driver option, things are looking good...almost.

When watching LiveTV on the PVR-250, Myth can tune to all of
my channels. If I press R to record, it records fine (meaning
I can pause, skip back/ahead, etc.), so long as I keep
watching the show. If I exit back into the Myth menus, myth
stops recording the show. Similarly, if I'm in the program
guide and press R to record a show, it immediately says the
show is "Recorded" rather than "Recording." Here are the
backend logs when I do that:

2005-12-22 22:28:11.427 Reschedule requested for id 129.
2005-12-22 22:28:11.538 Scheduled 15 items in 0.1 = 0.10 match + 0.01 place
2005-12-22 22:28:11.558 TVRec(2): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-12-22 22:28:11.559 ChannelBase: Could not find input: Television on
card when setting channel 3
2005-12-22 22:28:11.559 TVRec(2) Error: Failed to set channel to 3.
Reverting to kState_None
2005-12-22 22:28:11.559 TVRec(2): Changing from RecordingOnly to None
2005-12-22 22:28:11.560 Finished recording ER "'Twas the Night": channel
2005-12-22 22:28:11.561 Started recording: ER "'Twas the Night": channel
2003 on cardid 2, sourceid 2
2005-12-22 22:28:12.563 Reschedule requested for id 0.
2005-12-22 22:28:12.576 Scheduled 15 items in 0.0 = 0.00 match + 0.01 place
2005-12-22 22:28:42.437 EITScanner: Now looking for EIT data on channel 65_2
2005-12-22 22:28:44.020 DVB#0 DVB SI Table Parser Started

As I mentioned before, this doesn't happen with my HD-3000.
It records shows fine. What has me stumped is that I can
watch these channels in LiveTV. Anyone have any ideas of
what might be wrong?


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