[mythtv-users] New IVTV 4.1 Stable issues

Curtis Porter cdp at curtisporter.com
Fri Dec 23 00:04:14 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-22 at 16:08 -0500, Jeff volckaert wrote:
> I was having a problem with periodic clipping of long shows.  A 2 hour
> movie might cut out at 50 minutes for some reason.  Hopefully the new
> driver will fix it.  If not, then it might be a myth issue.

I've noticed a similar problem.  I installed ivtv 0.4.1 earlier this
week, however, and it happened again Thursday night.  I don't see a
ticket at http://ivtvdriver.org/ for it yet, but I'm reluctant to file
one since I can't reproduce it reliably and I'm uncertain if it's ivtv
or myth.


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