[mythtv-users] Interesting false match

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 22 20:16:08 EST 2005

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Your point is that the title for the movie and series both matched
> even though there is a seriesid. The implication is that it should
> just match the showings by seriesid instead. David Engel and I both
> assumed this would be a good thing too and started to work on it but
> after searching for test cases, it turns out this isn't a good idea.
> ...
> So, "Deal or No Deal?" No deal. More overhead, wouldn't do a better
> job and the results could be confusing. We store these and pass them
> around but we don't use them to schedule. However, If you really
> want to record just the old series or just the new series for
> "Battlestar Galactica", this information is available and you can
> create a Custom Record to match just the seriesid and not the title.

Besides, now that your machine has recorded the movie "House", you won't 
get that one again.  And, if you happen to catch it beforehand next time 
the movie "King of the Hill" airs (another one that matches an unrelated 
movie and TV series), you can simply set it to "Never Record," and that 
"episode" won't be recorded.

Of course, you'll have to do the same for the other 3 "King of the Hill" 
movies since they'll have different descriptions...  ( 
http://imdb.com/find?q=king%20of%20the%20hill;s=tt )  Oh, and BTW, be on 
the lookout for the other 4-or-so movies called "House" which might 
match your rule. ( http://imdb.com/find?q=house;s=tt )  ;)


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