[mythtv-users] recommended ivtv and firmaware versions for PVR-500

Micha Kersloot micha at kovoks.nl
Thu Dec 22 16:10:20 EST 2005

Marius Schrecker schreef:
>>Marius Schrecker schreef:
>>The problems I have is that the quality of the picture is noticable
>>worse than the broadcast quality. Without deinterlacing, there is quite
>>a lag in fast moving objects or a talk host who moves his head while he
>>talks, my girlfriend calls it 'octopus images' when arms and or legs are
>>involved. With interlacing the lag is less noticable, but the image does
>>shock now and then (like sometimes 1 or 2 frames are cut out).
>>I've got the idea it's problem with 25Hz pal and fglrx wich sets the
>>video-card to 60Hz, but i'm not sure. I'm not able to use the bob
>>deinterlace filter either, that looks like 1 frame is stuck and mixed
>>with the video.
>>I've got no idea if it helps to capture the pal stream with 30fps
>>framerate (to match the 60Hz output). But well.... let's try that ;-)
> Hi,  I gave up on bob after reading that it ONLY works with a 50 (or
> perhaps 100 Hz) refresh rate. The closest my flatpanel will go is 75, and
> I can confirm that that doesn't work. So I think 60 is most probably out
> too.

Hmm 'glad' to read that i'm probably looking in the right direction.

> I'm also having frame dropping issues, someone posted that it is a problem
> with myth at the moment (don't know what you built from). It's evidently
> expected to be fixed soon in svn. You might also like to check whether
> your running the frontend in realtime priority.

That would mean there are frames dropped? Hmm I thouth it just looked 
that way becouse of the 50 - 60Hz deinterlacing problems.
By the way, I have set /usr/local/bin/mythfrontend and 
/user/local/bin/mythtv to Suid root, but I keep getting :
2005-12-22 22:00:02.096 Realtime priority would require SUID as root.
in my logfile, any idea's about that?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Micha Kersloot

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