[mythtv-users] Help with xorg.conf

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 13:09:18 EST 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 12:20, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Allan Wilson wrote:
> > Thanks Michael, that was just a flub I meant 1080p.
> Yeah.  I was just mentioning the name of the standard so you and Steve
> were on the same page when I said that your TV /is/ a 1080p--as you
> claimed.
> > I know I shouldn't use the svideo out but it's what I've got now and I
> > am going to be adding a new box that will use a better connection.
> > Right now I mainly want to get my desktop and myth full screen on my
> > 16:9 screen. I haven't played with linux at all on a 16:9 screen can
> > someone give me some pointers I am suffering from to much info I
> > think. Like how do I find my HorizSync or my VertRefresh. What
> > modeline are you using and what lead you to using it? Thanks for the help
> Just connect a VGA cable.  Any video card should have one, and you'll
> get much better picture quality as a bonus (even at 640x480, the PQ will
> be better than a PVR-350's S-Video out--but you might as well go to a
> higher resolution).  Since your TV (and all other 1080p TV's I've seen)
> doesn't support 1080p60 via DVI, you'll want to use VGA in your final
> 1080p configuration, anyway, so you might as well start moving that way.
> IMHO, you're just wasting time trying to get widescreen support with
> S-Video/Composite (which are designed for 4:3 NTSC--especially in the
> NVIDIA drivers).  Since your final setup will be using VGA, you might as
> well go there now--even if you don't do 1080p--because it's easier to
> configure.
> However, if you really want to use S-Video, you can make it work by
> selecting the appropriate "scaling" mode on your TV (i.e. send a 4:3
> signal and make your TV stretch it).
> Mike

If your TV is 1080p then its best native mode will be 1080p. Unless your TV 
has a Faroudja scaler, and possibly even if it does, you'll want to run your 
video card output at 1920x1080 and have MythTV, etc, output at this 

Some caveats:
Some TV's have native modes for SD at 480p which if any of your SD signals are 
noisy you might want to have Myth output at these lower native resolutions 
since scaling can make the picture look really bad.

For things like DVD's, digital cable sources (even if run through a PVR card's 
S-Video), and of course HD material, go ahead and have Myth/MPlayer/Xine 
scale them to 1920x1080. The software scaling will be as good if not better 
than the internal scaler on your TV, and since these sources will be 
realitvely free of signal noise(with the PVR material being the worst, even 
when its clean) scaling to 1080p will definitely be the way to go. 

As of now, I don't think MythTV has an IVTC algorithm for playing back HD 
sources though, so it will be interesting to see how the standard deinterlace 
algorithms handle HD stream output of 1080i material into 1080p.

When playing back DVD's with MPlayer or Xine, give a try using their IVTC 
filter. The one to use with MPlayer is "-vf pullup,softskip", I'll gander 
Xine has a similar one, though I haven't played around with Xine in a while. 
This should, in realtime do the best inverse-telecine for outputting to a 
progressive display. Worth a try.


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