[mythtv-users] Oversaturation / Bleeding

Johan Venter johan at vulturest.com
Thu Dec 22 01:50:36 EST 2005

Johan Venter wrote:
> I know Myth can pay attention to XV picture controls, but I'm not 
> entirely sure where I set XV picture controls, or even whether it will 
> help (as mplayer doesn't have the same problem).

Ok, so I worked this out for myself and for anyone else who doesn't know 
(and Google purposes) look up the xvinfo and xvattr utilities. Myth will 
listen to the Xv controls only for playback, however, and not for 
recording (so therefore couldn't fix my original problem).

> Any suggestions?

I did, however, figure this one out. I had my vertical overscan set to 
1%. Zeroing this value fixed the colour problems. Just going to chalk 
this up to the flux going on in the SVN codebase at the moment and check 
to see if there's a ticket in Trac.



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