[mythtv-users] Gray-OSD change font?

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Wed Dec 21 20:44:38 EST 2005

On Dec 21, 2005, at 11:38 AM, Greg Estabrooks wrote:

>>> display. Works with recordings, but displays the token for live tv.
>>> Not sure if there's a way around this, but wanted to mention it.
>>  I'll take a look at that.
>  Haven't looked at this one yet, but I'll check it out tonight. (no  
> livetv
> while at work using my vmware dev session) :)

I changed it to %STARTTIME% - %ENDTIME%  %STARTDATE% and it gave me  
what I wanted in both recordings and Live TV.
I think those are the tokens I used, anyway. I'm at work and can't  
check it at the moment, but I guessed when I changed it as much as  
I'm guessing now so both guesses are probably equal. :)

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