[mythtv-users] Gray-OSD change font?

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Wed Dec 21 11:38:27 EST 2005

> > display. Works with recordings, but displays the token for live tv.  
> > Not sure if there's a way around this, but wanted to mention it.
>  I'll take a look at that.

 Haven't looked at this one yet, but I'll check it out tonight. (no livetv
while at work using my vmware dev session) :)

> > me the trouble of adding it in the event of upgrades. :)
>  Doh! I forgot to add the scroller when I was adding in the cid and alert 
> containers. I'll add something in for sure :)

 Done, I've added a scroller as well as shrunk down the editmode bar
as I agree it's just too big. I've also moved the time display in a few pixels 
to hopefully not have it get chopped off for those of you seeing that. 

 Screenshot of the scroller in action:


 And the new editbar:


 As usual a new version is available here:


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