[mythtv-users] Re: Commercial Flagging, what are the best

Michael Freeman mythtv at mlfreeman.org
Wed Dec 21 20:14:51 EST 2005

The ratings that come with the XMLTV data...are they usually accurate?

I have a crazy dream of somehow using *something* in the tv datastream to
catch overtime FOX games  and *not* record them automatically.(I have Myth
set up to grab Simpsons @ 8, but I have a whole half hour on the back end as
a buffer in case of OT games)

I know I'm probably talking out of my @$$ here, but if ratings came with the
XMLTV feed, would it be possible for Myth to watch the ratings and only
record when the rating info changed to whatever the program was supposed to
be rated?
My guess is that live football is rating-less, but once the Simpsons came
on, there'd be a rating....and that could be a signal to *save* the buffer
to disk (in my case, I have no qualms about giving Myth 0.75 to 1.5 GB of
RAM if need be for something like this).

I envision something like this:
@ 8 PM, Myth starts buffering video & rating info to RAM for 2-3 min...if it
doesn't see a rating that matches what XMLTV says it should, it starts
dropping the oldest portion of that 2-3 min buffer.
If it does see the rating match, it drops everything up to that point and
starts spooling the mess to disk.  It then records for the original length
of time, regardless of whether or not that crosses a "boundary" (e.g. it
records 8:15-8:45 and ignores whatever is *supposed* to be on at 8:30).

Michael L. Freeman

On 12/21/05, Boleslaw Ciesielski <bolek-mythtv at curl.com> wrote:
> Isaac Richards wrote:
> >>BTW, does Myth read the /dev/vbi output from a PVR-150?
> >
> > Nope, it needs to have the data in the mpeg stream.  myth would have to
> remux
> > things, otherwise, and that's slightly more complicated.
> For the actual CC support, yes. But if we only want to flag commercials
> and the v-chip method works reliably, we could generate the cutlist
> while recording. Imagine Live TV with commercial skip...
> But I realize that this may not fit into the general commflag paradigm.
> Bolek
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