[mythtv-users] Re: Commercial Flagging, what are the best

Michael Freeman mythtv at mlfreeman.org
Wed Dec 21 20:19:02 EST 2005

incidentally, is ivtv's lack of embedded vbi due to a hardware issue or just
a driver issue (in other words, if something useful comes of all this talk,
will i have to replace my PVR500 to gain any benefit)?

On 12/21/05, Michael Freeman <mythtv at mlfreeman.org> wrote:
> The ratings that come with the XMLTV data...are they usually accurate?
> I have a crazy dream of somehow using *something* in the tv datastream to
> catch overtime FOX games  and *not* record them automatically.(I have Myth
> set up to grab Simpsons @ 8, but I have a whole half hour on the back end as
> a buffer in case of OT games)
> I know I'm probably talking out of my @$$ here, but if ratings came with
> the XMLTV feed, would it be possible for Myth to watch the ratings and only
> record when the rating info changed to whatever the program was supposed to
> be rated?
> My guess is that live football is rating-less, but once the Simpsons came
> on, there'd be a rating....and that could be a signal to *save* the buffer
> to disk (in my case, I have no qualms about giving Myth 0.75 to 1.5 GB of
> RAM if need be for something like this).
> I envision something like this:
> @ 8 PM, Myth starts buffering video & rating info to RAM for 2-3 min...if
> it doesn't see a rating that matches what XMLTV says it should, it starts
> dropping the oldest portion of that 2-3 min buffer.
> If it does see the rating match, it drops everything up to that point and
> starts spooling the mess to disk.  It then records for the original length
> of time, regardless of whether or not that crosses a "boundary" (e.g. it
> records 8:15-8:45 and ignores whatever is *supposed* to be on at 8:30).
> Thanks,
> Michael L. Freeman
> On 12/21/05, Boleslaw Ciesielski <bolek-mythtv at curl.com> wrote:
> >
> > Isaac Richards wrote:
> > >>BTW, does Myth read the /dev/vbi output from a PVR-150?
> > >
> > > Nope, it needs to have the data in the mpeg stream.  myth would have
> > to remux
> > > things, otherwise, and that's slightly more complicated.
> >
> > For the actual CC support, yes. But if we only want to flag commercials
> > and the v-chip method works reliably, we could generate the cutlist
> > while recording. Imagine Live TV with commercial skip...
> >
> > But I realize that this may not fit into the general commflag paradigm.
> >
> > Bolek
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