[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 10:30:23 EST 2005

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 09:25, Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 December 2005 02:58, Stephen Boddy wrote:
> > On Wednesday 21 December 2005 02:36, Matt wrote:
> > > Sure, I can comment out everything.  What exactly do you want me to do
> > > and I'll get it for you.
> >
> > The bit I'm interested in is the bit that should look similar to the
> > following that is printed to the console after the program errors out.
> > This will tell me exactly which line is causing the problem for you. You
> > shouldn't have to do anything special for python to print this this, it's
> > the normal output when a program causes an exception. Just cut and paste
> > it to the list.
> >
> > Traceback (most recent call last):
> >   File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
> >   File "<stdin>", line 2, in my_func
> > TypeError: exceptions must be classes, instances, or strings
> > (deprecated), not NoneType
> >
> > Like I said, this is a quick hack, and is likely to be fragile. :-)
> Steve, the script doesn't seem to take into account that the local state
> stations in the US are lined differently, they're on
> us-ma_1.html
> country code - state code _ page

ok, as for the state channels thing here... the New England area shares some 
network channels, so like I'm in MA and get NH and RI channels as well... You 
might be best off downloading all the state local channels as well. There 
shouldn't be repeated call letters, but there might....

oh, some matches the fuzzy search didn't quite get for U.S. channels
spanish should also search espanol

Ovation: The Arts Network =ovation_us
GSN = GameShowNetwork
Home & Garden Television = hgtv
Independent Film Channel = ifc
Trinity Broadcasting Network = tbn
FX Networks Inc. = fx_us
Turner Classic Movies = tcm_us
Home Box Office = hbo
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network = cspan
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network 2 = cspan2
Cable News Network = cnn
A & E Network = ae_tv
Black Entertainment Television = bet
Country Music Television = cmt
The Movie Channel = tmc_us
The Learning Channel = tlc
The Discovery Channel = discovery
Showtime = theres actually no image for it! but there is for Showtime HD, I 
just used that.
Sci-Fi Channel = scifi
QVC = not foudn
New England Cable News = not found
New England Sports Network = NESN
MTV - Music Television = mtv
Home Box Office 2 = hbo2
Home Shopping Network = hsn
WAPA Canal 4 = not found
WMFP = local, not found, technically Shop At Home
Turner Broadcasting System = tbs_atlanta
Women's Entertainment = we
MTV2: Music Television = mtv2
VH1 - Video Hits One = vh1
Turner Network TV = tnt
The Comcast Network  (CN8) = cn8_us
WCEA-LP = dunno
The Movie Channel Extra = tmc_extra_us
Do-It-Yourself Network = diy_net_us
TV Games Network = tvg_us
The Inspiration Life Network = i_life_tv
Toon Disney en Espanol = disney_toon_us (not really, but it'll work)

you'll need to include abbreviations in the search algorithm it looks like.


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