[mythtv-users] A/V Sync issue (searched through list, and followed howto.)

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 21 09:24:55 EST 2005

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 2:19, John Yonn wrote:
> Total strangeness. Apparently the problem is with the nvidia driver 
> I'm 
> using. or so it seems. I just turned off the tv out and plugged in a 
> regular 
> monitor for the first time since I finished building XFree86. 
> Surprisingly 
> theres a huge difference. I'm not quite sure why. I'm using an 
> Albatron 
> FX5200LP. Seemed like a cheap nvidia 5200 with a tv-out at the time. 
> and I'm 
> using the NVIDIA 1.0.8174 drivers that nvidia provides. Anyone know if
> theres a bug in that version, or have any suggestions of a known-good
> version?

Well, I think this avenue might be a red herring.  However... I suppose 
it's possible that Xv is not working on your TV-out.  If that's so, 
then you'd be doing video scaling in software, which would take more 
processing power, and possible cause the video to lag the audio.  You 
can check whether Xv is working by running "xvinfo".  Also, run 'top' 
while doing Myth playback in both TV-out and VGA modes, and see if 
there's a significant difference in mythfrontend.

The other suggestion I have (totally unrelated to your video card) is 
that if you're using KDE with the aRts sound system, check your "Sound 
System" settings under "Skip Prevention" and decrease the buffer size, 
or better yet, turn off aRts completely and just use ALSA output.


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