[mythtv-users] A/V Sync issue (searched through list, and followed howto.)

John Yonn galentin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 17:00:07 EST 2005

 KDE isn't installed, neither is aRts. Never were, it's a pretty vanilla LFS
ok, so running top over ssh.
disabled tv out, monitor plugged in. Started the backend, then the frontend.
cpu @ 0.0. selected watch live tv. cpu at 11% mem @ 14.6% (+/- .4%)
and enabling tv out:
starts up at 0.0. Selecting watch live tv jumps to 11.0% cpu 14.4% mem. (+/-

Not what I'd call a drastic difference.

I'm still at a total loss, gonna check the nvidia forums to see if I can get
the 6629 driver working, maybe it'll help, but if not I'll have eliminated
one more thing to try.

Any other suggestions?


On 12/21/05, Joseph A. Caputo <jcaputo1 at comcast.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 December 2005 2:19, John Yonn wrote:
> > Total strangeness. Apparently the problem is with the nvidia driver
> > I'm
> > using. or so it seems. I just turned off the tv out and plugged in a
> > regular
> > monitor for the first time since I finished building XFree86.
> > Surprisingly
> > theres a huge difference. I'm not quite sure why. I'm using an
> > Albatron
> > FX5200LP. Seemed like a cheap nvidia 5200 with a tv-out at the time.
> > and I'm
> > using the NVIDIA 1.0.8174 drivers that nvidia provides. Anyone know if
> > theres a bug in that version, or have any suggestions of a known-good
> > version?
> Well, I think this avenue might be a red herring.  However... I suppose
> it's possible that Xv is not working on your TV-out.  If that's so,
> then you'd be doing video scaling in software, which would take more
> processing power, and possible cause the video to lag the audio.  You
> can check whether Xv is working by running "xvinfo".  Also, run 'top'
> while doing Myth playback in both TV-out and VGA modes, and see if
> there's a significant difference in mythfrontend.
> The other suggestion I have (totally unrelated to your video card) is
> that if you're using KDE with the aRts sound system, check your "Sound
> System" settings under "Skip Prevention" and decrease the buffer size,
> or better yet, turn off aRts completely and just use ALSA output.
> HTH,
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