[mythtv-users] pausing recording schedules

Derek Battams derek at battams.ca
Wed Dec 21 08:27:50 EST 2005

Quoting Chris Rouch <chris.rouch at gmail.com>:

> Is there a way to pause a recording schedule? What I mean by this is
> that normally I have a lot of programs set to record, but only one or
> two of these are really important. When I go on holiday I'd like to
> disable the unimportant ones so that my disk doesn't get so full that
> the important ones can't be recorded. Then when I get back I'd like to
> re-enable them.
> If there isn't, am I going to cause trouble for myself by saving a
> copy of the record table, deleting all the unwanted schedules  via
> mythweb and then restoring the saved copy when I want all the
> schedules active again?

Under scheduling options for the recording profile, you can set the 
profile to inactive, which suspends all recording of that program.  I'm 
doing this now for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert as I know that 
they're reruns until after New Year's, but the listings aren't always 
accurate so I've just inactivated both profiles and will reactivate 
them after New Year's.

  - Derek

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