[mythtv-users] A/V Sync issue (searched through list, and followed howto.)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 21 01:03:07 EST 2005

John Yonn wrote:

> I'm taking my first shot at mythtv and having one major issue. I'm 
> running a decent system (Athlon 64 3200 / 1 gig ram) with a Happauge 
> PVR 500. The sound is on the nforce board recognized by linux as the 
> intel 8x0. I've tried switching between ALSA and OSS with the exact 
> same results. Audio occurs about 2 seconds or more before the video 
> frame it should accompany (this occurs in live tv as well as recording 
> and replaying a show). This is classic of the not muting thing in 
> chapter 7 of the how to. Which I did read and follow, also I've 
> searched the list repeatedly. I have line in muted, and set to 
> capture.  However, the PVR 500's don't require a patch cable for the 
> audio, so I don't see how it could be that.

How about telling us how you have your cables plugged in...


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