[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 20 20:28:19 EST 2005

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 23:38, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> > As I'm sure you've sussed out I've included the master list in the main
> > file as a dictionary (or hash in perl parlance)
>  I see that.   I just figured that by using external files the script
> wouldn't grow to outrageous sizes plus the user could replace/update the
> master file without having to replace the script itself.

OK, I'll look at that tomorrow some time.

> > "search term" is tested against for a best match. There is a threshold
> > and a max of the 10 best matches.
>  I imagine for most of the channels that would be fine.
>  One thing I've noticed is that I have some channels with different channel
> numbers but identical "names". You might consider checking the list for
> duplicate names and only pass through a name once.   For example I've
> got several channels named "PPV"  and have to go through and skip through
> each one at a time :)

That should be a sort and uniq on the list from the db, then possibly a tweak 
to the SQL statement that updates the db. Again, a job for tomorrow.

> > > station name "WSET 13 Lynchburg" but doesn't find eityher.
> >
> > Strange, that name should be a good match against the base filename of
> > the icon on LS?!?
> >
> > Does it give you incorrect possibilities? Or is it an empty list? All
> > entries get converted to upper case for matching purposes.
>  It returns incorrect options. In fact I've run accross several instances
> of it now . For example the Channel Name "KAFT" doesn't find a match with
> the station "KAFT PBS Fayetteville" with a url/filename of
> http://www.lyngsat-logo.com/icon/tv/kk/kaft_pbs_fayetteville.gif

If I'm understanding you, The channel name in the db is only 4 characters, but 
there is 21 in the LS stripped name (kaft_pbs_fayetteville) I think because 
of the low character count in the name, other names stripped names have "more 
in common". i.e. funkay_trippin would have more in common because there are 
less incorrect letters.

Hopefully neither of us is mixing up name and callsign in the channel table. 
If instead of "KAFT" the channel name was "KAFT PBS Fayetteville" then you'd 
have an almost perfect match.

I think the fuzzy function is probably really dumb, and I'm glorifying it with 
a name it doesn't deserve. All I can suggest is that the first time you set 
these with the "f" option and enter a tougher match like "fayetteville". If 
you set them up as defaults, then you won't have to worry in future... Once I 
change that master_list to suit at least :-)

Steve Boddy

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