[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Tue Dec 20 18:38:57 EST 2005

> As I'm sure you've sussed out I've included the master list in the main file 
> as a dictionary (or hash in perl parlance)

 I see that.   I just figured that by using external files the script
wouldn't grow to outrageous sizes plus the user could replace/update the
master file without having to replace the script itself.

> "search term" is tested against for a best match. There is a threshold and a 
> max of the 10 best matches.

 I imagine for most of the channels that would be fine.

 One thing I've noticed is that I have some channels with different channel
numbers but identical "names". You might consider checking the list for 
duplicate names and only pass through a name once.   For example I've 
got several channels named "PPV"  and have to go through and skip through 
each one at a time :)

> > station name "WSET 13 Lynchburg" but doesn't find eityher.
> Strange, that name should be a good match against the base filename of the 
> icon on LS?!?
> Does it give you incorrect possibilities? Or is it an empty list? All entries 
> get converted to upper case for matching purposes.

 It returns incorrect options. In fact I've run accross several instances 
of it now . For example the Channel Name "KAFT" doesn't find a match with
the station "KAFT PBS Fayetteville" with a url/filename of 

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