[mythtv-users] Can you use shutdown/wakeup with *slave* backends in MythTV?

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 20:00:37 EST 2005

I'd had this working on my master backend for some time but was
wondering whether MythTV supports using this for any slave machines
that are needed for scheduled recordings? At the moment I make sure
they are turned on as and when needed (or left on if being used to
watch media).

Is it therefore possible to control the slave machines from within
MythTV to allow them to shutdown/wakeup automatically, assuming
scheduled recordings are schedulable (via card input priority) on the
slave? For example, I would much prefer that recordings that could be
made on the DVB cards in a slave machine were scheduled and recorded,
rather than defaulting to the composite feed from a cable box in the
master backend machine.

Any input, or even a simple no, would be appreciated.


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