[mythtv-users] ATSC Channel.conf

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Tue Dec 20 16:27:07 EST 2005

Hi Norm,

Like yourself I have both a Rogers Digital TV Box, Rogers Analog (channels
1-80 or so), and recently Rogers Digital over QAM 256.

With a HD3000 you can receive about 40 or so Digital TV stations that are
transmitted unencrypted. I do this to receive channels 102 through about 130
or so, plus some sports net channels. No HD stations are broadcast in the

As for a digital cable box, it's not "useless for Myth" I feed it into a PVR
250 card using SVideo, and use an IR Blaster to control the channel.


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On Tue, 2005-20-12 at 10:34 -0500, R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:31:24 -0500, Michael Haan wrote:
> >
> > > Trying to find-out how I discover and import the list of available QAM
> > > channels for use with my HD3000, in my area.  Can't seem to find a
> > > decent tutorial, or the necessary resources.
> >
> > There are recent emails about that here. You can scan using mythtvsetup.
> > Make sure that mythbackend has stopped first.
> Using an HD3000 to receive QAM broadcasts in myth requires some hands-on
> work *after* doing a scan. The HD card + mythtv combo does not populate
> the mysql database with the correct entries (at least not yet..)
> Browse to:

I currently have an analog card to pick up my Rogers cable channels but
are you telling me that with a DVB-T card I can get the digital
channels?  I have a digital box but its useless with Mythtv.  The analog
signal looks crappy so if I can get the digital signal, that would be


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