[mythtv-users] Problems with auto deleting recordings

Les Gondor les at totalgraphix.ca
Tue Dec 20 12:56:58 EST 2005

Peter Darley wrote:
> Folks,
>     I have my machine set up to delete recordings when there is less  
> than 30G free on the drive, but it is not actually deleting things.   
> This is the first time the drive has been filled up, and as far as I  
> can tell it's never deleted stuff based on free space.  It deletes  
> correctly through mythweb and through the frontend when I  specifically 
> delete.  I'm using 18.1 stable.
>     Anyone have any suggestions on what I should check settings wise?
> Thanks,
> Peter Darley
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Check to see whether auto-expire is on by default in the recording profile and also the frequency of 
auto-expire runs in the setup pages. Mythweb shows a checkbox for recordings subject to auto-expire: 
if it isn't set, your recording profile hasn't flagged the recordings, otherwise, the frequency of 
auto-expire runs is too rare to avoid filling the disk. I think the latter case is unlikely, however.


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